CMH Fashion Week Bridal Runway Show Spotlight: 1812 Society

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

CMH Fashion Week, Columbus' official fashion week, kicks off Oct. 12. We caught up with the six designers and boutique owners participating in the second annual bridal runway show to chat wedding-day fashion and more. Here, Patrick McMeans of 1812 Society shares his thoughts on groom looks and more.

What's the story with the 1812 Society? How did the biz come to be?

Coming from the men's custom-clothing business, we wanted to change the way people buy clothing-mainly, the experience behind the purchase. It's one thing to have a great product, but another to couple that with a first-rate experience and top-notch service. I feel a lot of guys need expert advice and direction on what to wear and how to wear it, and that's exactly what our people bring.

Define the 1812 Society guy's style. To who are your suits suited?

I would call our style contemporary classic-great, high-quality fabrics and classic styling with a modern twist. Our clients are characters, and they are able to express their big personalities in their clothing.

Can you give us a teaser of what you'll be sending down the runway during the bridal show?

We have a little of everything planned for this show. It's bridal, so we are definitely showcasing our tuxedo and evening-wear designs … great textures, unexpected patterns and the highest quality fabrics in the world. Nothing says class like a well-dressed man, and this show will be no exception.

What's your advice for grooms who want to really stand out on their wedding day?

Standing out can be as simple as having a well-tailored suit, or as detailed as a great pocket square and unique set of cufflinks. I learned a long time ago people notice your shoes, so making sure they are well taken care of and freshly polished is key. Wearing something you feel confident in is more important than anything else, though. The groom will stand a little taller, smile a little wider and stand out a little more. Let's just hope they don't steal too much of the spotlight from their bride-to-be.