Expert advice from local bakers

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Finding the right wedding cake can be one of two things: totally fun or super-overwhelming. For our fall/winter issue, on newsstands now (sign up for a free copy here!), we asked local cake bakers about the most common cake questions and concerns. Here are the highlights.

How much should we spend on a cake?

"Most [couples] have a number in mind and know what they want to spend. I usually like customers to look at our website and get a ballpark feel to make sure we're not completely miles apart. I prefer to save budget talks until the end because I like to know exactly what couples want first and then back into a budget. This way, instead of limiting their choices right off the bat, we can see exactly their heart's desire … if we didn't talk money." Christina Pisanelli Jones, Bella Luna Cakes & Confections

What flavor will please most of our guests?

"I like to tell couples it's one of the more important days of their life and it's one meal in the day of their guests' lives, so get what you like and trust your palette. If you like it, chances are good a lot of other people will like it, too. I encourage people to think outside of the chocolate-and-vanilla box." Christina Pisanelli Jones

What if something goes wrong or the cake falls or gets a crack in it?

"We always [make plans] so we're prepared. We don't like to drop the cake off any sooner than an hour before the wedding, and we don't want people to move things around in case the cake should get bumped. This gives us enough time to fix anything that may happen." – Sue Baisden, Capital City Cakes

What should we do for cake toppers?

"Many couples ask what kind of toppers they should use. We make sure it's something that will work for the cake and that's not too heavy. It could be something that we purchase or they purchase, although it's typically something that comes from the bride and groom. People like to really personalize this aspect of their cake if they can." Michelle Sauer, Sauer Cakes