Making 'Dumber' sequel more fun than the first

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels made another "Dumb & Dumber" film because fans asked for it, and the two actors said making the sequel was more fun than working on the 1994 original.

"We were kind of just meeting each other as we were doing the first one," Daniels said in a recent interview. "You got two different acting styles going on — is it going to even work? And the first one, we guessed right, and it did ...

"Now it's just a lot easier. We know more, we know what's funny, we know the two characters well — all the stuff we didn't know in the first one we already know in the second one, so we just get to do it again, only we hope better."

"And we were blood doping," Carrey added. "So that made it easier."

Daniels and Carrey reprise their roles as painfully dim pals Harry and Lloyd in "Dumb & Dumber To," opening Friday. Reuniting on a sequel 20 years after the original wasn't hard, Carrey said.

"Honestly, it was like we just did it yesterday and boom, we were back in it," he said. "It was a fantastic, familiar feeling."

Daniels was delighted to return to comedy after spending the past three seasons starring in the Aaron Sorkin TV drama, "The Newsroom."

"Comedy is a joy," he said. "There's a freedom to it. There's a fearlessness to it that you don't get in everything else. It was a thrill to do."


AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen contributed to this report.