Fugitive Tommy Thompson Arrested in Florida After 2-Year Hunt

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson was arrested in Florida on Tuesday after more than two years on the run, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Thompson and his assistant, Alison Antekeier, also a former Columbus resident, are being held in a Palm Beach County jail.

Assistant editor Michelle Sullivan reported on Thompson, who searched for and recovered more than two tons of gold from the SS Central America in 1988 and '89, in our November 2014 issue.

Area investors contributed millions to Thompson's quest, but, years later, they still have yet to see their return.

Thompson moved to Florida in the early 2000s with Antekeier and stopped appearing in court. In 2012, an Ohio judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

The Associated Press reports the two were found at a hotel in Palm Beach and will have a hearing in Florida before being extradited to Ohio.


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-Taylor Starek