Trick your kids for April Fool's

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Looking for a fun April Fool's prank to play on your children?

Try serving them cake for dinner - or at least something that looks like cake. There are lots of great recipes designed to trick kids about what's on the menu.

A yummy main dish disguised as dessert is Meatloaf Cake. It's made by baking a meatloaf in a cake pan and then "frosting" it with mashed potato icing. Check out the recipe at

If pizza is more to your family's liking, try a trick Bundt cake made with baking mix, pizza sauce and pepperoni. (

You can also doctor dessert to look like a main dish. Grilled pound cake filled with cheese-colored icing makes a convincing grilled cheese sandwich. Visit for details.

There are plenty of other faux food recipes out there. You can find them by doing a Google search of "faux food" and "April Fool's Day food pranks."