National Sibling Day

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Do your kids ever grumble because families celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day but not Kid's Day?

Perhaps you can sell them on National Sibling Day, which is celebrated today, April 10.

Helping youngsters build strong bonds with their siblings is one of the most important gifts you can give children, experts say. Studies have found that older adults who have good relationships with their siblings are happier.

When you nurture sibling bonds, you're helping kids build a relationship that can last a lifetime.

The Ohio State University Extension Office offers these tips for parents wishing to help their children become more connected.

  • Parents need to foster and respect the sibling relationships among their children.
  • Provide siblings with opportunities to share time and activities, despite differences in age.
  • Be sure no "favoritism" (the most common cause of bitter sibling rivalry that can last into later life) is practiced by parents or other extended family.
  • Allow siblings to work through their own disagreements therefore building a relationship with each other that is separate from their parents.
  • When older siblings begin to leave home, encourage them to maintain contact with their younger siblings and facilitate these interactions with family events.
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