Cynthia Macioce

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Cynthia Macioce

Gahanna Lincoln High School

Performing Arts

Cynthia is one of the best teachers in not only our district, but I feel in the state of Ohio. She has the respect of not only her peers, but all of the students at Gahanna Lincoln High School. She uses many different learning strategies with her students to get the absolute best out of them each day. The students know what is expected of them and they don't want to fail to deliver because of the amount of respect and admiration that have for "Mrs. Mace". She is also the chair for the visual and performing arts department. She puts in countless hours at school and at home to make sure everything is perfect for all of the productions and musicals. She has a natural gift to help people. Gahanna Lincoln High School and the teaching profession are better because she is a part of both.

- Nominated by a faculty member at Gahanna Lincoln High School