'Furious 7' film shows off sharp new Imax laser technology

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When the high-speed action sequel "Furious 7" debuts this weekend, audiences at Hollywood's famous TCL Chinese Theatre will see every tire skid and fistfight in Imax's brand-new laser format.

Lasers are supposed to be able to heighten contrast. Deep blacks stand out boldly, particularly in actress Michelle Rodriguez's eyes and hair, a suit worn by actor Jason Statham, Vin Diesel's tank top, black car paint and shadows in the grooves of tire treads.

The Chinese Theatre, one of the largest Imax theaters in the world, is one of more than a dozen locations that Imax expects to outfit with laser projection this year.

Consumers won't have to pay extra to see the new format. Theater owners are including the upgrade in the standard Imax ticket price, which is typically a few dollars more than regular film tickets.