Staff Picks: Our Favorite Workouts

Kristen Schmidt

Our April issue is on newsstands, with Thank Yoga instructor Josie Schweitzer on the cover. The subject: Shape. As in getting into it (or getting back into it). We talked to super-fit people in Columbus and to people who teach fitness to aspiring fit people. It's not unusual to arrive at work here and hear a quick review of a new class or gym from a staffer who visited the night before. Between the lot of us, we have tried kickboxing, snowboarding, tennis, golf, running, yoga, barre, step aerobics, Zumba-you name it. We're a fitness-craving group. So I polled Columbus Monthly staffers about their favorite activities. Here's what we do to melt away stress and stay healthy.

Emily Thompson, assistant editor

"In college, I had a friend who used to do yoga to a Rodney Yee DVD when she got stressed out, so I started doing it with her. I do vinyasa now. I like yoga that combines the poses and the mental relaxation aspects of yoga. But I also like versions that are a little bit more active."

Michelle Sullivan, assistant editor

"Once the weather breaks for good, I'll start training for the Columbus marathon again. I really want to qualify for Boston. This will be my fourth marathon. I need to shave 20 minutes off to qualify for Boston. It's doable, because [my last marathon] was super challenging and hilly. And this is the best place to qualify, in Ohio anyway. Swimming is my favorite form of cross training. I'll ride my bike occasionally, but usually I'll just do stretching or body-weight workouts."

Anthony Dominic, editorial assistant

"Walking to work is my thing. On weeks when I work and walk both ways every day, that's 10 miles. I'm not taking out time to go somewhere and do stuff-it's built into my routine. I do run, and I like to run in German Village."

Beth Stallings, dining editor

"I like to just shake it up and do something different. I will walk the dog every day. That's a must-gotta keep him healthy. I'll run, and then sometimes I'll do cardio classes. I belong to a boxing gym; that's a fun class, because I get to hit things. It's a good stress reliever. When the weather warms up, I'll do a boot camp in Schiller Park in German Village. It's all outside, using your body as resistance."

Ivy Lamb, special sections editor

"I also have a dog, and I walk her every day. I try to go on especially long walks on weekends for her sake and mine. Kickboxing is one of my favorite things to do. It's a full-body workout, and it's a great stress reliever. I kinda love Zumba. I can't take myself serious when I'm doing it, which is one of the reasons I love it. And then, I don't know if this is going to stick or not, but I tried my first Spinning class a few weeks ago. It was a really good workout. I did not wear padded shorts. That was a mistake. But I'm going to go back."