Review: Waters' sophomore album, 'What's Real,' is real good

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Columbus Monthly

Waters, "What's Real" (Vagrant Records)

Former Port O'Brien frontman Van Pierszalowski left the alt-rock outfit in 2011 and promptly formed Waters, hoping to gel with a fresh band and begin anew. They came out strong with "Out in the Light" that year.

Now, Waters' sophomore release, "What's Real," is where the going gets good. Real good.

Waters bristles with energy throughout the album, with Pierszalowski poetically questioning his inner drive on the powerful "Rebel Yell" and singing about new friends and turning a positive corner on "The Avenue." He also works himself into a fine frenzy on the lead track, "Got to My Head."

Pierszalowski's written and brought to life a near-perfect blend of big power pop with "What's Real." There's enough straight-ahead guitar for rock purists to admire, yet it's laced with melodic hooks to make the songs linger, thankfully, in the mind.

"What's Real" showcases a strong up-and-coming band at top form. Waters deserves every clap it's about to get.


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