Showtime still hopeful of salvaging 'Twin Peaks' revival

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — Showtime is expressing hope of salvaging an updated version of "Twin Peaks" after its co-creator, David Lynch, announced he is leaving the project.

The network said it was "saddened" by Lynch's statement but still hopes to resurrect "Twin Peaks" with both Lynch and his co-creator, Mark Frost, on board.

This reboot of the eerie 1990-91 ABC thriller was announced by Showtime last fall. Lynch and Frost were set to be back to write the new series, with Lynch slated to direct all nine episodes. But Sunday on Twitter, Lynch declared that, after 16 months of negotiations, Showtime still had not approved a budget he considered sufficient.

Showtime responded that it believed it had been making progress with him on "the few remaining deal points."