Boston cool to Wahlberg's plan for movie on marathon attack

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

BOSTON (AP) — Actor Mark Wahlberg's plan to produce a feature film about the Boston Marathon bombing is getting a cool reaction in his hometown.

Columnists, pundits and others say the pain and suffering caused by the 2013 attack is still too fresh to think about making a movie.

Liz Norden, the mother of two sons who each lost a leg in the bombing, says it's "way too soon" to make a movie about it. Others have criticized the timing of the announcement about the movie — two weeks before the April 15 anniversary of the bombing.

CBS Films says the movie will be based on a firsthand account from former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis of the investigation and manhunt for the suspects.

Wahlberg's representatives didn't return calls and emails from The Associated Press seeking comment.