Letter from the Editor: Tis the Season to Enjoy Columbus

Jenny Rogers

Despite the chill in the air, it was difficult to ignore the summer fever that seemed to overtake just about everyone at our fashion shoot back in March. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the looks our model showcased practically begged to be packed up and jetted off to some warm-weather locale. I think many of us in Central Ohio get that sundress-weather itch right around March, after the first warm day arrives and gives us an ever-so-brief glimpse of what's to come: festivals, barbecues, pool dates, vacations, nights on the patio looking up at the stars. The anticipation for summer is intense. Are you ready? I certainly am.

Summer is a ballgame with a (10-cent) hotdog in hand. It's a cocktail on a twinkle-light-adorned patio (hello, Basi Italia) and an afternoon spent lounging at Easton. It's an excuse to finally explore that nearby Metro Park, try your hand at a DIY project, stop by the corner bakery, wake up extra early for an iced coffee. It is, quite simply, the best time to be in Central Ohio (OK, until football season, maybe), and it's often fleeting.

The goal of this issue was simple: to give you the tools to enjoy the season from the first day to the last-and to banish any late-August regrets about not making it here, not trying the food there. I want you to live it up this summer and to enjoy every warm, sunny, carefree moment. Not sure where to begin? Check out "92 Days of Summer." My challenge to you: Cross off as many as you can.

Through the end of August, we'll be giving away a prize package every week to help you achieve this goal; follow us online, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram for weekly details on how to win. Enjoy your summer. You deserve it.