The Cover Story

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Who: Seven-year-old Mya, a first-grader from Clintonville whose favorite subject is art

Where: The party space at Wholly Craft, the Clintonville shop that features handmade goods from 200+ crafters and artists

When: May 11, 2015 - right while that big thunderstorm was blowing through town!

The backstory: This month's cover is not our cover model's first claim to fame: Seven-year-old Mya lent her name to a popular Clintonville food truck. Her parents, Mark and Rachel Tolentino, started Mya's Fried Chicken in 2012 (you can spy a sampling of the buttermilk-brined and shallow-pan fried goodies on the cover - talk about temptation during the shoot!).

The food truck recently changed locations. By pure coincidence, they've gone from a location opposite Wholly Craft's old home (at Pacemont Road and North High Street) to a spot near the shop's new home. The truck now operates from the southeast corner of North Broadway and North High Street. Visit them on Facebook or on their website for seasonal hours of operation.

And be sure to check out the party space at Wholly Craft for the next birthday party in your family: $125 gets you a crafting project (with instruction provided) and a 3-hour party space for 8-10 kids!