Wedding Thoughts: Eco-friendly confetti, brunch and more

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This past weekend I attended my first wedding of the season, and it was a blast. The wedding was near Uniontown, Pa. (outside of Pittsburgh), with the reception at the Historic Summit Inn. Here's a roundup of some of my favorite concepts and touches from the weekend-hopefully brides-to-be can garner some inspiration!

*Eco-friendly confetti: When the guests left the church, we were handed packets of eco-friendly confetti-something I'd never heard of before. So when the newlyweds exited the church and headed to their getaway car, we could throw the water soluable, biodegradable confetti and not worry about it harming the environment.

*A Mexican late-night snack: Around 10 p.m., after we were working up a sweat on the dance floor (yes, I did request the" Cotton-Eyed Joe" if you were wondering), we were served margaritas, chips and salsa, and quesadillas. Yum!

*Next-day brunch: A brunch the Sunday after a wedding has become increasingly more popular over the years. Many of the guests were from out of town, so it was a nice way for us to chat with the happy couple before we headed home to Ohio. The brunch was held at the bride's parents' house, and the main event was a local food truck serving up BBQ-themed eats like macaroni and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches and grilled veggies. Need I say more?

What are some of the awesome things you've seen at weddings recently? Shoot me an email at and let me know!

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

Photo: My sorority sisters singing our sorority chant with the bride out on the dance floor.