Best of Columbus 2015: Candy All I Want

Columbus Monthly Staff

Rocket Fizz: American Classics

You'll find no potato in the Idaho Spud, a cocoa-flavored bar of marshmallow covered with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Consider it the love child of a Mounds bar and a Hostess Sno Ball.

Cherry Mash, a maraschino cherry, chocolate and peanut candy bar made since 1918, got a shout-out in R.E.M.'s song "E-Bow the Letter" from the band's 1996 New Adventures in Hi-Fi album.

The store's signature taffy is available in a dizzying array of flavors like watermelon, Neapolitan and maple. Grab a bag and cram in as many candies as you can.

Saraga: Around the World

Ali Baba chocolate wafer bars are made by the largest family-owned business in the Palestinian territories. This bar is super-light in texture, and the chocolate has a lovely mocha flavor.

Ritter Sport bars are wildly popular in Europe, especially in Germany. They're all shaped the same-square-but they are made in flavors like marzipan, hazelnut, butter biscuit, praline and one, which is studded with cornflakes, as well as limited-edition flavors like buttermilk lemon.

Big Fun: 1980s Nostalgia

What was with the '80s and effervescent candy? Just when you get over the initial pucker of sour blue raspberry Zotz, the fizzy center escapes and does a jig on your tongue.

Sour Patch Kids seem all-American, but they were created by the Maynards confectionery in Britain. Maynards also makes Wine Gums, which were the subject of a rollicking commercial in the 1980s featuring a Scottish man, his taxidermy collection and a bagpipe, all dancing and singing.

Is Squirrel Nut Zippers a) the name of a band from North Carolina, b) the name of a nut-and-caramel candy, c) a reference to a drunken man who climbed a tree or d) all of the above?

Tensuke Market:A Taste of Japan

Olympic figure-skating silver medalist Mao Asada has appeared in commercials for Morinaga's Milk Caramels, individually wrapped soft caramels in a tidy box with an insert that slides like a drawer.

You'll certainly Look Royal unwrapping one of these dainty liqueur-flavored chocolates from a shiny purple wrapper.

Patel Bros: Indian Adventure

Jaggery, a form of unrefined palm or cane sugar popular in Asia and Africa, is high on the list of ingredients in these sesame and peanut brittles. Devotees of Ayurvedic medicine believe jaggery has healing properties.

Candy-coated fennel seeds are both a sweet treat and a breath freshener; You're likely to find this candy in a bowl at your favorite Indian eatery. Use the spoon to scoop up a few pieces and chew on your way out the door post-meal.