Best of Columbus 2015: Where Science and Booze Collide

Tristan Eden

Tony Miller, aka Duke Skygawker, has been leading these regular Barstronomy nights since 2011. Miller, a longtime amateur astronomer, practices what's known as sidewalk astronomy: He brings his telescope and equipment to local bars and teaches anyone interested a little bit about the universe, giving everyone a look through the scope. His spots include Brothers Drake, Woodlands Tavern, Rumba Cafe and Skully's. "The nights move around," Miller says. "It depends on the crowd and what weather is expected." Because of sensitive sky conditions, his appearances often aren't announced until the day of, and at most 48 hours in advance.

Science Pub is a monthly science presentation series hosted at a rotating cast of local bars and restaurants. A background in science isn't required to enjoy this series-instead, the scientific issues and topics covered are designed to appeal to everyone, and discussion is encouraged. This month's event, on July 7 at Smokehouse Brewing Co., is a discussion of DNA and nanotechnology, led by Michael Hudoba, a doctoral candidate in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Ohio State University.