Letter from the Editor: This One's for the Fellas

Jenny Rogers

Don't get me wrong; I love fashion. I love tracking the trends, live-streaming the runway collections, debating whether or not peplum's on its last legs or just totally over. (It is, right?) But then there's style-and style is just so much more interesting.

To me, having great style means taking fashion-whether it's a piece that's hot now or was trending five years ago-and making it your own. It's mixing highs and lows, old and new, straightforward and off-the-wall. I think that's what got me so excited about this issue.

As we have for the last couple years, we've used our Men's Issue to spotlight the city's power couples as well as a few of Columbus' best athletes. On the day of each shoot, we showed up in eager anticipation of what these lovely individuals-who each styled his or her self-would wear. And they didn't disappoint. (Monica Kridler's scarf, Gary Jones' linen suit, Alexis Wilson's all-denim ensemble and Tony Tchani's sneakers were personal favorites.)

We also chose to spotlight "real" fellas-no models here-for our styled fashion shoot. I'm hopeful the concept-effortlessly cool looks for men in their thirties, forties and fifties-will inspire you and the guy in your life to dress with a little spark regardless of age. After all, looking characteristically cool never goes out of style.

Someone recently asked me to define my own look in five words or less. To be frank, I struggled. It's a work in progress, I'll admit, but a totally fun project. I'm hopeful you-whether you're a man or woman!-find something in this issue that helps guide your own style story. It's an important one to tell.