Marriage Equality: We've Come a Long Way

Kristen Schmidt

By now, many of you have heard first takes on the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, which legalizes it in all 50 states. Follow continual coverage today from our colleagues at The Columbus Dispatch and local network television affiliates, as well as other Columbus media outlets. (Ann Fisher is broadcasting live reaction and analysis on WOSU this morning, for example.)

I was at a breakfast meeting when the decision was announced, and I took the opportunity to get to the office via the Short North. Folks are already gathering on the patio at Union, and you can expect to see lots of celebration throughout the day in the neighborhood and in Goodale Park, where I suspect ComFest will be Columbus Pride Part 2 this weekend.

It's hard to believe this decision has been made so seemingly swiftly; it follows a few years of lightning-speed social change as states have legalized same-sex marriage by court decision or legislation. Just two years ago, I wrote a feature for the magazine about the effort to reverse Ohio's gay marriage ban by ballot measure. That never came to be (campaign organizer Ian James is now working on the medical marijuana effort), though supporters of the effort told me at the time they believed advocates had a far better chance of reversing the ban via ballot measure than by court decision. How wrong that turned out to be.

I'll also encourage you to read Michelle Sullivan's feature for the June 2015 issue about the roots and evolution of the LGBT community in Columbus. The case that led to today's decision was born in Ohio, with Jim Obergefell (pictured above, who was here just last weekend as grand marshal of the Pride parade). You can go here to watchObergefell's statementfollowing the Supreme Court's ruling.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest reactions, and, if you're so inclined, join a celebration forming at Unionin the Short North and Dorrian Park (Mound and High streets, just outside the office where Franklin County marriage licenses are issued).