Bridal Offerings at Store 5a

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The Diamond Cellar's sister store, Store 5a, opened last month with a large selection of vintage and pre-owned fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, timepieces and handbags. "We existed for two years online, first," says store director Jesse Johnson. "Customers were looking to sell their pieces. We would start fixing prongs, replacing stones … then selling them. We bring the pieces back to life."

When it comes to bridal jewelry, Johnson explains that the inventory is constantly rotating. "We offer emerald cuts with halos, more traditional diamond solitaires, men's bands, wedding bands," he says. "People can see the quality and the condition." And if a piece catches your eye online, Store 5a will have it in store for you to see within 24 hours. Each item is refurbished and appraised by the Diamond Cellar, so the customer is aware of what they're purchasing.

We stopped in to take a peek at the gorgeous bridal offerings. Here, three rings that caught our eye at Store 5a.

Solitaire. Appraisal price: $7,420. Store 5a price: $4,990

Cathedral-style, 14-karat rose gold. Appraisal price: $7,750. Store 5a price: $4,840

Halo. Appraisal price: $2,460, Store 5a price: $1,230

For more information on Store 5a and for a look at the inventory, visit the shop's website.

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley