Where to Find Refreshing Agua Fresca

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Hibiscus water at Los Guachos

On the next hot summer day, in lieu of an iced tea or golden pilsner, get your hands on a glass of agua fresca instead. These cool drinks are made with fruits, flowers, grains and seeds blended with sugar and water. They're light, clean and refreshing-meaning they're the perfect summer thirst quencher. Here are five to try.

Los Guachos serves one of the more common aguas frescas-Jamaica, or hibiscus water-a deep red, lightly tart beverage made by steeping hibiscus flowers with a touch of brown sugar. los-guachos.com

Bionicos El Grullo is a Mexican juice and yogurt bar attached to the Taqueria Jalisco taco truck on Cleveland Avenue. The truck also serves hibiscus water, using it as a sweet and smooth counterpoint to spicy tacos. 4664 Cleveland Ave., Northeast Side, 614-595-4202

The new Taqueria San Angel taco truck on the West Side experiments with homemade aguas frescas, too, with mellow and cooling flavors like watermelon and cantaloupe. 4005 Sullivant Ave., West Side, 614-589-0989

El Pollo Perucho offsets the heat of Peruvian chicken with chicha morada, a drink fashioned from pineapple and purple corn and spiced with cloves and cinnamon. facebook.com/elpollolococolumbus

Creamy horchata pleases palates enjoying barbacoa tacos at Taco Nazo. Horchata is a light-bodied rice milk flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, and the Northland food truck's is some of the best in the city. 2200 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Northeast Side, 614-390-6346