Summer Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

During our fashion shoot last month, we picked the brains of Catalina Shelton, an esthetician at the Short North's MAX the Salon and Parker Yocca, a director at the Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin for current bridal hair and makeup trends. Here's what they said is hot for summer brides.


"Styles are very done or undone," explains Yocca. "It's either sleek, back and structured, or tousled. There's no half-up or in the middle." She also notes that frizz is in to an extent-meaning a wispy feel.

Yocca also shared a good reminder for brides-to-be: Always do a practice run for your hair and makeup. "Even when you're budget-conscious, it's worth the money to do the practice to make sure you're getting what you want," she says.


"In the summer, people do the natural, soft look," says Shelton. "It's nothing too dramatic for spring and summer." She notes that if you want to incorporate color, try a burgundy or a merlot lip.

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley