What to Pair with Lineage Brewing's Beers

Anthony Dominic
Beer flight with Banh Mi hand pie

From the start, the partners behind Lineage Brewing aimed to offer a hyper-seasonal, never-stagnant beer menu-which is exactly what you'll find at their airy Clintonville taproom. Brewery operations manager Mike Byrne shares his top three brews to drink this month, plus the perfect food pairing for each.

Spaceship #6 ($6)

Lineage's top-seller by a long shot, this tropical-leaning, American-style IPA clocks in at 73 IBUs but "isn't a palate-wrecker like so many IPAs," Byrne says. "It's because of the hop blend we use; it doesn't have that harsh bitter finish."

Pair it with: The Hanoi Banh Mi Pie ($6.50)

Touche de Gris ($5)

Byrne hadn't seen a grisette-style French ale at any brewery in Central Ohio, so he decided to craft one himself. Expect slight tartness from lactobacillus yeast-similar to that of a Berliner weisse, Byrne says-along with a hint of spice. "The women who traditionally served this beer in France wore gray dresses, which is where our name comes from," he says.

Pair it with: The Toscano Spinach Pie ($6.50)

Belgian Witbier ($5)

This yet-to-be-named Belgian ale is Byrne's latest and favorite creation. "It's brewed with coriander and orange peel, giving it a nice and refreshing, light flavor," he says.

Pair it with: El Loroco Empanada Pie ($6.50)

Yum! Lineage's hand pies are made with Dan the Baker crust.