Walters to revisit big news stories including Lennon murder

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Barbara Walters is taking a walk down memory lane with a TV series revisiting big news stories she covered in her career.

The Investigation Discovery channel said Thursday that "Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals" will debut Nov. 2.

The hour-long episodes focus on events ranging from political misbehavior to crime, and will include previous interviews conducted by Walters along with new material, the channel told a TV critics meeting.

The TV newswoman will look back at televangelist Jim Bakker's sex scandal, the murder of celebrity diet doctor Herman Tarnower, the Menendez family killings and a switched-at-birth mystery.

Walters conducts a rare interview with the wife of Mark David Chapman about his killing of John Lennon, the channel said.

Further episodes are planned, Investigation Discovery said.

In a statement, Walters said the years-old scandals remain enormously interesting and continue to affect the lives of people who were involved.