Dana Delany talks about new series & her love of France

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NEW YORK (AP) — In her new Amazon original series, "Hand of God," Dana Delany is the exasperated wife of a man — played by Ron Perlman — who seems to be having a breakdown as their son lies in a coma.

Delany says she couldn't be happier working with Perlman, star of "Sons of Anarchy" for six seasons.

"We just both like to act. There's no drama around the drama," she said in a recent interview. "We just like doing what we do and that's it.

"Sometimes I would come back to my trailer and there would be like chocolate bars sitting on my little station and he would like leave me little gifts like that because he knew I liked chocolate. So sweet."

The 10-episode season of "Hand of God" will be available to Amazon Prime members on Friday.

"I was very curious, because when I signed on it was over a year and a half ago — and that was before 'Transparent' had become the hit that it is, (and) it seemed like this was the future," said Delany, known for her roles in the TV series "China Beach," ''Desperate Housewives" and "Body of Proof."

She will also appear this fall in the miniseries "Une chance de trop," based on Harlan Coben's novel "No Second Chance," on the TF1 network in France.

"When I did 'Desperate Housewives,' (it was) huge in France," the 59-year-old actress said. "They love that version of America. They think it's hilarious and they also love women in France and they love older women, which was nice. I would go there to do press for 'Housewives' and they really appreciated me, in a way more than in America, I have to say. They just appreciate women who are getting older and they think you're getting better like wine, you know?"

"Harlan is a friend because I went to high school with his brother," she said. "He knew that I wanted to work in France and he said, 'Well, maybe you'd like to come and do a little part of this American at the end of the series.' And it's true what they say about shooting in France — they eat, they drink, everybody drinks at lunch and sits together and they sing songs. It's convivial and at night the whole cast, we would go out and eat and drink and work on the script, and then you just show up at seven in the morning and you do your job. It's rich, you know?"

Delany said she "had a ball."

"I got a French agent and it just spurred me on to want to work more in France. So I now have a French tutor and I'm hoping to work there. It's kind of been my dream," she said.


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