The Cover Story

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Who: Our adorable cover model this month is Edie Bickel, age 5 months, as photographed by her dad, Josh, our chief photographer (she was smiling at her mom, Jackie Borchardt).

When: About 5 p.m., Sept. 9, 2015 - during Edie's happy time of the day.

Where: In the Dispatch photo studio

The backstory: There are a few things that can't be negotiated when scheduling a photo like this: What time of the day a baby will be cooperative and what time of the year pumpkins are ripe. We got the first, but we couldn't wait for the latter. Despite the heat wave that warmed things up at the beginning of September, it wasn't enough to get the real pumpkins ripened in time for our shoot. The folks at Oakland Nursery did their darnedest to get us the real thing, but in the end, Mother Nature wouldn't cough up the pumpkins, so we went with a magnificent array of these papier-mâché creations from their Oakland Nursery Home store, located at 4271 W. Dublin-Granville Road in Dublin (they were a lot easier to lug around than the real things would have been - so, take that, Mother Nature!).