Review: Fetty Wap is melodic, but lacks depth on debut album

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Fetty Wap, "Fetty Wap" (RGF Productions/300 Entertainment)

Fetty Wap spring-boarded into mainstream success before releasing an album with the Top 10 pop hits "Trap Queen," ''679" and "My Way." With that success, most wondered if the 24-year-old rapper-singer could deliver on a full-length musical project.

He certainly steps up to the challenge on his self-titled debut, showing those hits were not a fluke. The production is solid throughout and his vocal delivery is infectious, though his content lacks some depth.

Wap is not much of a lyricist, but he uses the same winning-formula of keeping his sound melodic yet grungy on his 17-track album. It works on "Couple Bandz" and "Again," another Top 40 hit, where he attempts to convince a lover that he's about chasing money instead other women.

On "RGF Island," Wap brags about spending excessive money with his crew on an island. He introduces a loyal mate to the street life on "Jugg," featuring Monty, who makes his presence known on multiple songs on "Fetty Wap."

Outside of rapping about selling drugs on "Trap Luv" and money and cars on "Time," there's not much substance on Wap's debut. But this is a musical approach that works for him — for now.


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