The Cover Story

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Who: Reagan and Jocelyn Berg, age 7-1/2 months.

Where: The photo studio at the Columbus Dispatch building in downtown Columbus

When: early afternoon, Nov. 5, 2015 (strategically chosen to come right after naptime and right before afternoon cranky time)

The backstory: Reagan (on the right) and Jocelyn (on the left) are the daughters of Tessa and Jeremy Berg. Tessa used to work with Columbus Parent and other Dispatch magazines - as a staff photographer, no less - until the siren call of hanging with these two cuties lured her home! Despite Tessa's serious photog credentials (and she also works as a freelance event and portrait photographer now - check out for her beautiful pix), she was more than happy to hand the camera over to our photog Josh Bickel for this assignment and play baby wrangler and stylist. But it was Daddy who had the best crazy noises to get the girls' attention and giggles. When they're not enjoying time in front of the camera (for Columbus Parent or Mommy), the girls' likes are reading books and rolling around. Their No. 1 dislike, said Tessa, is "a long car ride."