Sarah Ramsey

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

My child is in Mrs. Ramsey's class. He struggled last year and ADD was mentioned.At the start of the school year, Mrs. Ramsey noticed his struggles and jumped on the problem right away and opened our eyes.

We took him to the doctor and started ADDmeds.Within weeks of starting he went from being behind and requiring extra help to achieving winter test scores in fall.

She remains in constant communication with me about both the struggles and successes. Then when times got hard she adapted, just for him.

Mrs. Ramseywas constantly assuring me that we, as a team, would get through this. And we are. I don't want her hard work and dedication they've shown to go unnoticed and wanted to share with you how amazing they have been and continue to be.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I get that now. I am grateful my village is strong.

-Summit Road Elementary parent