Fluttering Families hosts 'special' egg hunt

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Kids can be just kids without scrutiny or judgement at a special Easter egg hunt held the weekend before Easter in Powell's Village Green Park. The event, in its fourth year, allows children with special needs and their families an opportunity to take part in the simple pleasures of childhood.

The hunt is the brainchild ofLaura Sefcik, executive director and founder of Fluttering Families, a group offamilies of children with special needs, based in Columbus.

Sefcik, who has a special needs child of her own, said that the idea for the group grew out of a need for inclusion of her special needs child into her typically developing children's activities.

"We were split apart as a family," she said. "My special kid had her activites and my boys had theirs, but we were not together as a whole family."

She said that the hunt allows the whole family to enjoy these special moments together in a warm and encouraging environment. "We have about 145 families signed up to participate this year,"Sefcik said.

The eggs are placed several feet apart to allow for kids in wheelchairs or other aids to be able to participate.

We also make sure we have an area surrounded by a path so the kids can enter the hunt at all angles and at their own speed,Sefcik said.

What I'm especially excited about, and I don't think any other egg hunt does this, is that we have a trading post," she said. "It allows kids to trade in unwanted candy and toys with items that they do like."

It cuts down on the stress of the kids not getting what they want at the hunt, she said.

The event has pre-registration because each child gets fifteen eggs each to alleviate stress so the whole family can enjoy the event,Sefcik said.

And the whole point of the event is for the whole family to participate, which includes parents and typically developing siblings as well.

Sefcik said the group holds other events throughout the year.

Families interested in joining the group can find more information online at www.flutteringfamilies.org.