More investigations than jokes in city led by comedian-mayor

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

HILLSBORO, Ohio (AP) — Having your wife's and your underwear examined and toilet usage analyzed might sound like something for veteran standup comedian Drew Hastings' routine.

But he says while it sometimes seems like "a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch," he's finding it increasingly difficult to see humor in the continuing investigations into his actions as a small-city Ohio mayor.

A court-appointed special prosecutor from the state auditor's office is among those investigating. Allegations have included improper use of city trash bins and falsifying his residency in Hillsboro.

The blunt-spoken comedian says he's "a real lightning rod," but he considers the investigations politically motivated and has called them a "gross waste" of taxpayer money.

Little is being said officially about the monthslong investigations, and there's been no word on when they will conclude.