Elizabeth Warren, comic book hero? Senator is latest to star

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

BOSTON (AP) — Her parents didn't hail from the planet Krypton, but that hasn't stopped Elizabeth Warren from starring as a comic book hero.

"Female Force: Elizabeth Warren" tells the true-life story of Warren's rise from Oklahoma schoolgirl to liberal hero of the Democratic Party.

The book avoids ideological battles and instead zeroes in on Warren's journey from a hardscrabble childhood to the U.S. Senate.

The 22-page comic is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon-based publishers Storm Entertainment and is part of a larger series designed to celebrate the lives of notable women of all political persuasions.

Publisher Darren Davis said he was drawn to Warren's story because of the role strong women have played in his life.

Warren had nothing to do with the book, and only learned about it after publication.