300 guests invited to White House state dinner

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 300 guests received coveted invitations to Friday night's White House state dinner honoring the leaders of Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Instead of sitting around circular tables, the guests will be dining at wooden farm tables set with white china, beveled crystal candlesticks and soaring ice vases with white field flowers. The dinner is being held in a tent with a transparent ceiling giving guests a view of the night sky — on a cloudy, drizzly day.

Appetizers included salt-cured tuna along with waffles served American-style with chicken. The main course: braised beef short ribs from Nebraska.

Dessert is an homage to the fishing industry in the form of a blue, glowing, edible fishing boat, displayed with elderberry custard pie, raspberry kringle and gooseberry cookies.