Is NYC too close for celebs' comfort? Writer nixes a move

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — When famed writer Ta-Nehisi (tah neh-HAH'-see) Coates backed away from moving into a Brooklyn brownstone, he gave voice to celebrities' qualms about city living.

He wrote this week that media coverage of his $2.1 million home purchase slammed the door on his planned move. After the address was published, the National Book Award winner said he was concerned for his family's safety and uneasy about fans potentially showing up on his stoop.

Coates isn't the first prominent person to try to shield his address or to rue the up-close-and-personal nature of New York. But the idea of a writer lamenting lost privacy to the point of abandoning a low-key Brooklyn neighborhood seemed to draw a new line.

Real estate experts say maintaining privacy in the city is a big concern for celebrities.