In Philadelphia, spin the giant dial, find life guidance

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Thousands of murals have been painted on Philadelphia buildings over the last three decades in what started as an anti-graffiti effort but has become much more.

Now the city has one that moves.

On Thursday, an interactive mural by New Orleans artist Candy Chang was unveiled. It features a 6-foot dial that visitors are encouraged to twirl while thinking of their challenges.

The spinner will stop at a number corresponding with one of the stories on either side of the dial that represent lessons from the I Ching, one of the world's oldest books of wisdom. A guide to the symbols in another part of the mural allows people to then interpret the wheel's message as they desire.

Chang's best-known public art project is "Before I die." It challenges people to write down in chalk their hopes and dreams. It's been duplicated in 1,000 cities around the world.