Ivanka Trump praises outspoken father's record with women

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump's oldest daughter defended his record with women Tuesday, saying the presumptive Republican nominee believes deeply in gender equality, while acknowledging that her father has the tendency to rile people up.

Ivanka Trump told ABC's "Good Morning America" that her father "believes in equality amongst the genders economically, politically, socially," adding that he "has empowered women, including me, his whole life."

A senior executive at the Trump Organization and key adviser to her father's campaign, Ivanka Trump has regularly defended her father's record toward women. Trump famously said Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" after she pressed him last year about calling women "fat pig," ''dog" and other names. He also took jabs at the appearance of Heidi Cruz, wife of former rival Ted Cruz.

Ivanka Trump acknowledged that her outspoken father's comments have "gotten him into trouble occasionally," but praised him for engaging directly with the voters, particularly on Twitter, saying it conveys who he is.

"The only filter is himself," she said. "He speaks from the heart. He speaks from the brain."