AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong that women's claims 'debunked'

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

WASHINGTON (AP) — A claim from the final presidential debate and how it stacks up with the facts:

DONALD TRUMP: Responding to allegations from at least nine women that he groped them or kissed them without their permission: "Those stories have been largely debunked."

THE FACTS: Not true. None of the allegations have been proven false, and since they surfaced, more people have come forward to corroborate their stories.

This week, for example, People Magazine said that a half-dozen people have backed up its reporter Natasha Stoynoff, who has said that Trump forced himself on her in 2005 while she was interviewing him at his Florida mansion for a piece about the anniversary of his marriage to Melania Knauss, a former model.

At least two people say that Stoynoff called them and told them about Trump's behavior in the hours and days after she says it occurred. Three other people say Stoynoff told them about Trump's behavior years ago. Trump has repeatedly said he has evidence that would disprove the allegations, but he has yet to provide it. He has questioned why Stoynoff didn't include her allegations in the story and defended himself by criticizing Stoynoff's physical attractiveness.

"Take a look. You take a look. Look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think. I don't think so," Trump said at a recent rally.


Contributed by Associated Press writer Chad Day.