Makeup Monday: How to Choose the Best Wedding Day Lipstick

Chelsea Savage

Photo: ©2016 Thinkstock

There are many options when it comes to picking the perfect product for your pout: bullet or liquid, matte or gloss, stain or sheer. Add to that the host of outside factors-weather, your color scheme and your skin tone-and the decision suddenly seems more complicated than it should be. Your best bet is to start with the season your wedding takes place in.

Spring: This is the best time of year to use a colorful palette. Spring means florals, which means bright colors. Don't be afraid to opt for a brighter shade of coral or pink.

Summer: During the summer, we prefer the softer and dewier glosses, especially against tanned skin. You'll probably be wearing lighter makeup overall (no one wants to see makeup running if you start to sweat), so a more natural lip is appropriate.

Fall: Autumn is another season that offers a lot of different color options. Reds, browns and nudes look great against fall foliage during outdoor photos. The weather might be a bit more mild, so either a matte or glossy finish should work.

Winter: When it's cold out, you definitely want a lip product to be moisturizing and non-drying, so matte and liquid lipsticks are usually out. If you've opted for a darker color scheme, it's ok to go a bit deeper with your lip color this time of year.

Sticking with a neutral shade is always a good idea regardless of the season, but use what looks best on your skin tone. Not sure what colors suit you? Head to your local Sephora or the makeup counter at your favorite department store; staff there will help you find your ideal tones.

Once you decide on a product, try it out a few times before the big day. Even if it seems to be working, choosing a backup option might be a good idea. Test the wear time and snap a selfie to ensure you like the way it looks in photos. Don't be afraid to ask for a second (or third, or fourth) opinion, either.

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