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A series of animated short films featuring poems penned by preschoolers got a green light after an 11th-hour rally on Kickstarter.

Columbus poet Nancy Kangas worked with students at Columbus Early Learning Centers on the Near East Side to write the poems, which they dictated to her. They were filmed reading their work in May. Now, with a $5,000 grant from the Ohio Arts Council and $15,035 from the Kickstarter campaign, Kangas and Josh Kun of Oakhouse Films will hire an animator to bring six of the stories to the screen.

The poems are silly, sweet and even insightful. Two examples from the Kickstarter page:

• "I am a volcano. And you are another volcano. And we wear big hats."

• "I kiss my sister and my brother. The snowmen melt."

After the 30- to 60-second shorts are complete, Kangas said they'll likely be posted on YouTube and Vimeo and perhaps shown at the Gateway Film Center.

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Ice is nice, and so is a chance to catch some of Disney's most popular characters in person. Disney on Ice Presents Dream Big comes to Nationwide Arena for eight shows Jan. 25-29. A cavalcade of princesses as well as Tinker Bell, Olaf and others will be on hand. Tickets start at $15 for opening night, $20 for other performances. Check it out at

Nationwide Children's Hospital has partnered on an app to track information related to epileptic seizures. Track It!, developed with, lets parents track their own child's information while (confidentially) helping to build a global database used by epilepsy researchers.

According to the announcement, the database is the world's largest repository of seizure information and is expected to have more than 1.5 million events reported by the end of the year.

The free app is available for Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.