Testimonials: What readers are saying about Columbus Parent

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Columbus Parent

We LOVE the new look! - Nationwide Children's Hospital

Great finds for back-to-school include Hammond's Student Notebook Atlases! - Langenscheidt Publishing Group

The new design looks terrific and I love the wide variety of ages and topics you're now covering. You must excited and proud.

I really enjoyed the articles, especially the one on Kindergarten Redshirting. It's funny - when I was a kindergarten teacher, I had a strong opinion about the subject and when my middle child came along (with a September birthday), I had a completely different view.

I also liked the one on teen drivers. Some days I can't believe I'm trying to get *two* new drivers out on the road. It's so stressful! - Carmella Van Vleet

I love Columbus Parent!! Particularly enjoyed the article about redshirting kindergartners it's something my husband and I keep talking about with our son. - Lisa

I just came across the Butterfly Birthday Magic entry from your Blog a couple of weeks ago. What appealed to me most was the easy-to-follow, step-by-step descriptions for setting up the event. - Shannon