You Tell Us: What Columbus Needs

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The May issue of Columbus Monthly, on newsstands now, explores what Columbus needs to improve itself. The story polled more than 100 government officials and leaders of business, the arts and civic associations to find out what they think would make Columbus better. Their answers ranged from the serious, such as narrowing the gap between Columbus’ haves and have-nots, to the playful, like a catapult that flings fruit across the Scioto River.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what you think would make Columbus a better, more interesting place to live. Anything from the most practical to the most fantastic is valid. They’re your opinions, and we’re not about to box them in with rules. Just leave your suggestions in the Comments section below. We’ll go through them, pick out some of the best, and write them up for our June issue.

Thanks for your opinions.