14 things to do the weekend of June 30

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Micah Schnabel plays Little Rock on Friday


Micah Schnabel at Little Rock

“I’ve always written music first and then put lyrics to it. Then that one happened, where I wrote the lyrics first, and then I found a way to put it to music, and I got really excited about it,” Schnabel said recently by phone from the road, making his way through Florida en route to a tour-ending show at Little Rock on Friday, June 30. “I realized the songs I enjoy singing and performing the most are the ones where I’m excited for the next line, and there aren’t weak rhymes getting me to the next line. Writing this way felt really good. I’m not sacrificing the story.”


Chas Ray Krider’s ‘she said, he said’ at Rivet

Whether Krider’s 20-plus panel exhibition, “she said, he said,” on display at Rivet from July 1-15, is a series of one-off vignettes or a full story, and whether the characters are recurring or isolated archetypes is up to the viewer, Krider said. The exchanges are pithy and punchy, at times ironic and at times matter-of-fact.


‘Angels in America’ closes at Garden Theater

The still-controversial and landmark work (“Angels in America” premiered 26 years ago) not only wrestles with the specter of HIV and the sort of shadow existence of homosexuals, but does so via the employ of a variety of voices, from corporate attorneys to drag queens to supernatural characters.