School Study Tips

Melissa Kossler Dutton

Preparing for a strong start to the school year involves more than picking up supplies and comparing class lists and schedules with friends. It’s helpful to give your student the framework to complete homework, organize long-term projects and study for tests.

Once you’ve determined a setting, outfitted a study area and eliminated distractions like the television, it’s time to get to work. Have your child add assignments and tests onto a calendar and post it in the study area.

For younger students, parents can help and should try to make the process fun, suggests Try having your child take the role of teacher and explain the material to you, or incorporating skits or drawing into the process. For more tips from the website, which focuses on giving adults strategies to support children’s learning, go to

As children get older and need to prepare for tests, remind them that studying involves more than just doing homework, recommends the Child Development Institute, CDI suggests that good study habits involve the following:

• Taking notes as you read.

• Learning to skim material.

• Learning to study tables and charts.

• The ability to summarize in your own words what you’ve read.

• Knowing how to make flashcards to review facts.

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