The top 10 most-read Alive cover features of 2018

Andy Downing
The community responds to the citywide ticket tax proposed by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Photo by Tim Johnson

10. Community in Crisis: Can Wedgewood Village rebound from a violent 2017?

Seven people were fatally shot last year at the West Side low-income housing complex. Can activists, politicians, police and residents turn things around? Or is the property a lost cause?

9. The school shooter who wasn't

Juvenile Jack Staley was convicted as an adult for plotting a mass shooting at Hilliard Davidson High School. But how close were his plans to a reality? And does the punishment fit the crime?

8. Who was Donna Dalton?

Recalling the South Side native whose August shooting death by an undercover cop left behind a grieving community and unanswered questions

7. The Cost of Culture? The community responds to GCAC's proposed ticket tax

A proposed 7 percent entertainment tax would be applied to everything from blockbuster arena shows to small club concerts, as well as movie theater tickets, Columbus Blue Jackets games and more

6. The Making of Ambrose and Eve

Near-stabbings, the birth of a local burger chain and more tales from the two-year sprint to open the new eatery from Catie Randazzo and Matthew Heaggans

5. Jennie Mae: 1968-2017

The Columbus musician approached life like an improv skit, filling her days with outrageous humor, beautiful music and an addiction that proved deadly

4. The Hick-Hop Conundrum

Can a growing genre that’s built on a black art form and embraces the rebel flag ever be more than a curiosity?

3. Closed amid ownership squabbles, the future of the Blue Danube remains uncertain

A look back (and forward) as the Old North classic closes for extended renovations

2. The roots of Columbus' ongoing color divide

For decades African-Americans in Columbus were denied the same housing opportunities offered to whites. The ripple effect continues today.

1. Behind Franklin County's high eviction rate

Franklin County has the highest eviction rate in Ohio. Why? And what can be done about it?