Kids Bored? Try Holiday Bingo

Melissa Kossler Dutton

Looking to keep your kids busy during winter break? Or perhaps you want to facilitate some intergenerational bonding at your next holiday gathering.

Either way, it might be time to add some bingo into your holiday plans.

Creating a bingo board of possible activities is a great way to help kids stay busy during their school break. The game can include a mix of things children can do on their own—make holiday cards for loved ones or write a letter to Santa—and items that are family-oriented, such as watching a holiday movie or going to look at lights.

Decide at the beginning whether you intend to fill the entire card or are aiming for a traditional bingo win, suggests the blog Real Life at Home, which offers these ideas of what to include on your holiday bingo board.

For another take on the classic bingo game, consider using it as an icebreaker at holiday parties. The activity can provide an opportunity for children to learn interesting facts about their relatives. For ideas, go to and

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