Make the Last Day of School Special

Melissa Kossler Dutton

It’s not uncommon for parents to make a big fuss about the first day of school. Many families have a particular spot where they take their child’s photo each year. Others eat a special breakfast or serve a favorite after-school treat. Often, children are sporting new clothes and backpacks to make the day feel festive.

Truth be told, our kiddos are likely to be more excited about the last day of school. Why not start some traditions that will make that day just as memorable? Scholastic classroom magazine offers some fun tips. 

One easy idea is to create a “Countdown Calendar” to track the dwindling number of school days. Another great suggestion is to start noticing all the changes in your child and complimenting them on new skills they have acquired during the school year.

The professional list makers at ListPlanIt recommend serving a special breakfast, decorating the interior of your car or front yard as an after-school surprise, and sending kids to school in a shirt that their friends can sign.

You could also enlist your kids’ ideas to make the last day of school more memorable.