Talk to Kids About Personal Safety

Melissa Kossler Dutton

It’s always important to talk to children about stranger danger, but since May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day, it’s a good time to remind them about those lessons.

Safety 4 Kids, a nonprofit that aims to help children make good personal safety decisions, encourages youngsters to have a buddy when playing outside or walking to school. The site also urges parents to teach kids to “Yell and Tell,” meaning don’t be afraid to tell a stranger “no” and yell if you feel unsafe because of an adult’s actions.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children also offers good tips. Some of the suggestions are geared to parents, such as choosing baby sitters with care, teaching children to check in if plans change, and going over “what-if” scenarios.

For age-appropriate ways of discussing safety concerns with kids, check out this article from Scholastic