Actual Brewing Company auction underway

Andy Downing

If you're looking to bid on an Altered Beast arcade game, this is your final call.

Actual Brewing Company, which closed in the wake of a report detailing multiple allegations of sexual assault against founder Fred Lee, has been auctioning off the contents of its James Road brewery over the past several days, and final bids on most items close this morning. Along with brewing equipment, furniture and various video games, there are also larger-ticket items, such as a forklift and a walk-in cooler, available for purchase.

Here are a handful of the current leading bids:

*Brewhouse 15 BBL with Kettle: $1,525 (37 bids)

*Altered Beast arcade game: $260 (33 bids)

*Donkey Kong arcade game $460 (21 bids)

*Pile of firewood: $45 (5 bids)