Alive's daily newsletter debuts

Andy Downing

This week marks the debut of the new Alive daily e-newsletter, which will be delivered to subscribers every day Monday through Friday.

Expect to find a mix of music and arts previews, as well as community features, dining and movie reviews, nightlife coverage and must-read contributions from columnists such as Scott Woods (The Other Columbus), Chris DeVille (Crew View) and Joy Ellison (Rainbow Rant). In addition, you'll see occasional forays into the Alive archives, plus new, magazine-length features, starting this week with a deeper dive into the disappearance of Tyler Davis and a look at the ecosystem of Facebook groups, True Crime Podcasts and the like that have rushed in to fill the vacuum in the absence of new information.

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Thank you for continuing to read us at, where we’re posting a variety of new content every single weekday. You’ll continue to find the award-winning coverage that Alive has become known for, and some new things, too. So check back often, and we'll see you again tomorrow.


Andy Downing