What you missed in Columbus for July 29

Andy Downing
Sandwich at Angry Baker

Over the weekend, the Angry Baker announced it would be closing its doors in Olde Towne East after more than eight years in business. “We want to thank our regulars, friends and those who patronized us over the past 9 years. It was a pleasure to serve you all,” read a message posted on social media. The closing follows the 2018 shuttering of the King Avenue location, which had been open for just two years.

On Friday, R&B singer Khalid navigated some growing pains at Nationwide Arena. “Young R&B singer-songwriter Khalid Robinson (who goes by his first name), 21, is in the thick of that journey [to adulthood], which he shared during a stop at Nationwide Arena on Friday, July 26. He strategically placed his songs “8TEEN” and “Twenty One” at the top of his set, and spent the night navigating the space between those very different phases,” wrote Erica Thompson in her Alive review, which you can read in full here.

Last week, the Ohio legislature passed a measure cutting renewable energy programs while adding subsidies for nuclear and coal-fired energy plants, which opponents have described as a massive step backwards for the state, as described in this Inside Climate News feature from former Dispatch reporter Dan Gearino. Gearino writes: “Other states—such as Illinois, New Jersey and New York—have also subsidized their nuclear plants, but they did so as part of larger plans that also supported renewable energy. The states were attempting to retain nuclear as a source of carbon-free energy as part of policies that would help move away from fossil fuels and address climate change. Only Ohio moved to give aid to nuclear and coal plants while cutting renewable energy programs.”